SEO 调研工具和方法汇总

SEO关键词调查是看似非常初级的工作,但是如果你要真正体会到某个SEO关键词的商业价值,必须先从使用各种SEO关键词调查工具入手。这里推荐一些常用的关键词调查分析方法。文中都附带了链接, 可以直接点击到SEO 调研工具网站查看。


例如,谷歌 Google 的 Adwords Keyword Tool、MSN的 AdCenterWordtracker

这里有一个 Adwrods Keyword Tool 的视频教程。



这里,笔者当然要首推谷歌的趋势分析工具 Google Trends. 同样,我们也会在这里发现问题,把2个相关联的关键词拿来做比较分析,其媒体关注度和自然搜索的热门程度尽然差距那么大。比如,SEO工 具和SEO服务,非常明显,SEO工具更加符合一般用户的搜索习惯。更有甚者,在不同社会化网络系统当中,同一关键词的流行度也会有较大差异。


这里对SEO调研最重要的就是谷歌 Google 的网站排名分析,这里的排名分析是针对某个关键词的分析, 如果说起来会非常庞杂, 这里就不展开了。


这里,笔者要推荐的是MSN的 AdCenter 和谷歌的 Adwords,其最大的共性,是公正客观的出价评估系统。



Cost per impression 俗称的 CPM 是什么?


Cost per impression, often abbreviated to CPI or CPM (Cost per mille) are terms used in online advertising and marketing related to web traffic.[1] They refer to the cost of internet marketing campaigns where advertisers pay for every time their ad is displayed, usually in the form of a banner ad on a website, but can also refer to advertisements in Email advertising.

An impression is the display of an ad to a user while viewing a web page. A single web page may contain multiple ads. In such cases, a single pageview would result in one impression for each ad displayed.[2] In order to count the impressions served as accurately as possible and prevent fraud, an ad server may exclude certain non-qualifying activities such as page-refreshes or other user actions from counting as impressions. When advertising rates are described as CPM or CPI, this is the amount paid for every thousand qualifying impressions served.

Cost per mille is one of the most common marketing practice used on the internet along with Cost per click (CPC/PPC) and Cost per action (CPA) (including CPL and CPS). CPM advertising is often preferred by publishers because they can be more certain about the revenue they will generate from their website traffic. CPM can be compared with other marketing price strategies by examining their Effective cost per mille (eCPM). eCPM informs the publisher what they would have received if they sold the advertising inventory on a CPM basis by taking into account the Clickthrough rate (CTR) and/or Conversion rate (CVR) of the campaigns.

Cost per mille is the closest online advertising strategy to those offered in other media such as television or print, which sell advertising based on estimated viewership or readership. CPM provides a comparable measure to contrast internet advertising with other media.

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